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Do a certification that globally acknowledges your excellence

Business Analysis (BA) is one of the most popular and globally-recognized certification. As a certified BA, you will be able to work in major industries (IT, Banking, Health, Insurance etc) and location of your choice and good pay scale. Business analysis skills will remain relatively timeless. While software development skills become quickly outdated, what makes a good business analyst is not changing quite so quickly. This makes it a great profession for people looking to try out multiple careers or leave the professional world for a period of time to raise children or pursue other interests.

Global Teq offers specialized BA training to help you prepare for the certification. We are one of the most trusted partners for BA training in USA. Our senior trainers have an overall experience of delivering several thousands of hours of exclusive BA training to over 2500 participants. Choose a training mode that works for you, and get started today!

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Eligibility criteria

  1. A Business Analyst needs strong presentation, excellent communication and documentation skills.
  2. Most BA positions require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or related degree for entry-level positions. A Business oriented degree or Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. You may even combine the two majors.
  3. While an MBA is an excellent educational qualification for almost any Information Technology career and not just business analysis, it is not functional in nature so you won’t be qualified as a Business Analyst with just an MBA.

Here are 5 important signs you should go for business analysis course

1. If you find yourself attending meetings and like it:

If you always seem to sense that people are talking at each other but not communicating with each other. Brownie points – if you find yourself in the middle of these conversations because you feel compelled to make them understand each other.

2. You like writing:

Particularly a precise type of writing and you are comfortable working independently on your desktop/laptop for 2-3 hours at a time.

3. Always seem to find something wrong:

May be with a website or piece of software and ask yourself, why didn’t they think about handling that better? Brownie points – if your co-workers come to you with questions about the legacy system you work with on a day-to-day basis. You understand how to use the system to do your job, as well as why things work the way they do and seem to wonder why everyone else just doesn’t get it.

4. Can handle tense situations:

However you don’t feel the need to be in the conflict. Supporting people work through different opinions and make informed decisions is one of the most important things a Business Analyst does.

5. Like to ask questions:

You always make sure that you really know what someone meant when they said what they said. Right along with this is that you naturally clarify problems before getting to solutions.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of a company/corporate
  • Overview of a project
  • What is Business Analysis
  • General Phases of IT Project
  • Types of Requirements
  • SDLC Methodologies
  • Documentation Review
  • Tools Demo
  • (Case Studies & practical BA exercises throughout the day. Homework assigned)
  • Unified Modelling Language
  • Facilitative Leadership
  • BA related concepts
  • Testing
  • Basic SQL
  • Domains
  • Interview Tips
  • (Case Studies & practical BA exercises throughout the day. Homework assigned)

Global Teq Advantage

Global Teq’s instructor-led ON-SITE/ONLINE PMP exam prep course is designed to help you learn BA course with elaborate course content covering major BA domains, help clear a BA job interview and sustain in the job (Performing day to day tasks). Assistance with certification prep.
This course is facilitated by highly experienced and certified BA trainers with years of experience in training and mentoring. The trainers leverage their rich, hands-on industry experience to help you understand the practical application of all relevant tools. Case-study based teaching, emphasis on core concepts, feedback-based mock BA exam to help you gain confidence to take up the BA certification and knock it out of the park!

  • Experienced trainers
  • Well-developed course structure
  • Assignments, Mock tests and feedback
  • Access to study materials

Class Schedule



17-20 Mar & 23-26 Mar

06-09 Apr


1. Qualifications required to become a Business Analyst?
2. Who should take the Business Analysis training?
3. Do you provide certification?
4. I have some more questions. Need to talk?
5. How to become a certified Business Analyst?
6. What does a Business Analyst do?
7. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Business Analyst?
8. What are the main deliverables of a BA?
9. Are your courses on business analysis/requirements gathering eligible for college credit or professional certification?
10. How can I become certified as a business analyst?
11. How do the virtual/online classrooms work?
12. I am an international student and located overseas. Can I take this training?
13. Can a Software developer/tester become a Business Analyst?
14. I do not understand technical things? Can I become a BA without technical knowledge, programming or coding experience?
15. What is the future for a Business Analyst?
16. I work for a BPO/KPO. Can I become a Business Analyst?
17. Do you offer job placement at the end of the program?