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1. What types of courses are offered by Global Teq?
2. When does one choose an online training program?

You can opt for self-paced or instructor led online training when

• You are comfortable with self-study
• You want to learn at your own pace, anywhere and anytime
• You want to access quality courseware

3. When does one choose a classroom training program?

You can opt for classroom training when

• You want an instructor-led training that includes real-life case studies and discussions
• Your current schedule enables you to take a 2-day or 4-day full time break from work
• Your professional responsibilities require you to get a relevant credential

4. How many days can I have access to the online material for study?
You can choose from 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or 180 days access to online training. Based on your choice, the applicable fee will be charged to your account.
5. Can I buy full length tests alone?
Yes, you can buy a package for full length tests alone, without the associated course material.
6. Can I try a sample test before registering for the program?
All interested participants are eligible to take up a free online test. You can take this test before registering for a specific program. For more details, visit www.global-teq.com or email us at info@global-teq.com for assistance
7. Do I get a copy of the certificate by post or by email?
For online training courses, you will receive a soft copy of the certificate to your email; however, if you attend our classroom training program, we issue you both a hard copy as well as a soft copy of the certificate.
Note: Within the USA we issue only a soft copy. Please reach out to us should you require a hard copy.
8. Whom do I contact in case of any query regarding any of the courses?
For any course-related information, please get in touch with our Customer support team at support@Global-Teq.com. We will get back to you in one working day, and resolve your query in two-five working days.
9. Can I interact with others who are preparing for the exam?
Yes, you can interact with others who are also preparing for the exam through a dedicated channel in Global Teq’s Discussion Forum. You can use this forum to raise questions, clear doubts, interact with your peers and stay motivated.
10. Can Global Teq deliver a course at my company’s site?
If your company has a group of five or more employees to train, we can schedule a private course at your company’s site. For more information, contact our support team via email: info@Global-Teq.com or call our global support number from Monday to Friday between 8.00am to 5.00pm (CST). For Indian residents, our support team will be available from 6.30pm-3.30am (IST).
Tel (USA) : +1-214-884-5171
Tel (India) : +91 80 25 400 488
11. I want Global Teq to conduct training at our company’s site. Whom should I contact?
Please connect with our support team. Email us on info@Global-Teq.com or call us on Tel(USA): +1-214-884-5171 Tel(INDIA): +91 80 25 400 488 to know more about organizing corporate training at your company.
12. Can I become an affiliate with Global Teq?
Yes, you can. To know more about the processes, terms and conditions and financial aspects, please write to us on info@Global-Teq.com.