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Certified ScrumMaster

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), a designation offered by Scrum Alliance, is one of the most preferred professional certifications for projects with rapidly altering and high emergent requirements. As a CSM professional, you will be able to implement Scrum to any project to ensure its success. You will be well-equipped to provide expertise above that of a typical Project Manager and aid project teams in using Scrum effectively.
Global Teq’s Certified ScrumMaster training is delivered by Scrum Alliance Certified Trainers (CSTs). You will gain a deeper understanding of the three overarching areas of change under Scrumrequired for project success: Iterative Development, Self-Management, and Visibility. Choose the training mode you can fit into your schedule, and start building your impressive career!

What’s CSM
Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) is a designation offered by Scrum Alliance to practitioners who have successfully completed a CSM course and demonstrate their understanding through the CSM test. With Scrum’s iterative approach and ability to respond to change, your teamwill be enabled to deliver usable software consistently through a defined project lifecycle.
The certification ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum Methodology, which is critical to carrying out your role in the most efficient manner. As a ScrumMaster, you will be responsible for  overcoming challenges to progress, facilitating processes, and working with the product owner to make sure the product backlog is in good shape and ready for launch.
The CSM training is ideal if you are a

  • Team Leaders or Project Managers
  • Member of Scrum teams (developers, Scrum Masters, and product owners)
  • Professional intending to pursue a global career in Scrum

Eligibility Criteria
To earn your CSM certificate, you will need to

  • Take a mandatory 16 hour CSM course from a Scrum Alliance Authorized Trainer
  • Demonstrate your progress through an online CSM test. To get a passing score, you must correctly answer 24 of the 35 questions.  

You will be eligible for 16 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) upon completion of this course. After you pass the CSM exam, you will need to accept the Licence Agreement and complete your Scrum Alliance membership profile.

Global Teq Advantage
Global Teq’sunique CSM course is customized for multiple business units including Project Management, Quality Management, Agile Management, IT and IT Security, and more. With certified world renowned instructors leading the classes, you can rest assured that you will absorb everything you will need for a successful Scrum career.
Our courseware is developed by experts and experienced professionals in the field. The study material is simplified for easy understanding and real world case studies are incorporated help you implement and assimilate the concepts.
We provide best in line CSM training solution through a variety of training modes including classroom, online, and corporate. Our helpful Support team is with you to answer all your queries and assist you with any information related to the course.

  • Experienced trainers
  • Well-developed course structure
  • Access to mock tests
  • Extensive study materials
  • Flexible training modes
  • Dedicated pre and post training support