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Drive your Projects With Seamless Efficiency with PRINCE2

Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) is the de-facto standard for project management across the world. It is a flexible method created by combining practical experience with best practices in Project Management. Since effective project management is a trait every business looks for in its managers, you can quickly rise in ranks with the PRINCE2 certification.
Global Teq is one of the premium training centres specializing in Project Management. Our faculty and carefully developed courseware help you crack these life-changing exams in your first attempt. Available in online and classroom teaching modes for your convenience, even a busy schedule can’t keep you from getting ahead.

What’s PRINCE2
PRINCE2, managed by AXELOS, is a process-based approach that guides you through the essentials for managing a project successfully irrespective of its scale and type. The method is so flexible that it can be tailored to meet any specific requirements of your organization or industry. With a PRINCE2 certification, you will be able to direct, manage, and participate in projects that follow best industry processes and techniques.
PRINCE2 is a globally recognized certification, and is ideal if you’re a senior project manager or aspiring to be one. There are three levels of PRINCE2 certification

  1. PRINCE2 Foundation
  2. PRINCE2 Practitioner
  3. PRINCE2 Professional

These three qualifications examine the PRINCE2 methodology in increasing depth. To complete the certification, you will need to qualify in all three exams. The exams are based on PRINCE2 manual and you have to qualify in each level (or equivalent) to be eligible for the next.

Eligibility criteria
To become a PRINCE2 certified professional, you must

  1. Complete PRINCE2 training from a Registered Accredited Training Organization
  2. Pass the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exams

There are no prerequisites to take up the Foundation examination; however, you must pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam in order to qualify for the next levels of certification.

Global Teq Advantage
Global Teq’s unique course is developed to help you clear all the levels of PRINCE2 certification in your first attempt. The classes are instructor led and the courseware extensively covers the various principles, themes and processes of project management. By the end of the course, you will have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2 method to be able to work effectively with and apply them to your on-going and upcoming projects.
PRINCE2 course at Global Teq emphasizes on honing your ability to manage projects using globally validated project management methods. It will guide you on how to deliver a project within time and budget, ensure quality, and mitigate risks.
Courseware includes simplified reading material that is engaging and insightful. Practice tests and feedback-based mock tests assess your preparation for the exam, and tell what you specifically need to brush up on. Classes are conducted in online as well as classroom mode so you can conveniently prepare for the exam. Dedicated and well-experienced faculty looking over your shoulders and guiding you is all the confidence-booster you will need.

    • Experienced trainers
    • Well-developed course structure
    • Access to mock tests
    • Extensive study materials
    • Flexible training modes
    • Dedicated pre and post training support


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